BARNES & NOBLE Book Signing!

Social Media Book Launch. October 7, 2017
Book Signing, March 31, 2017
JBER PX Exchange Mall-Book Launch Party. October 7, 2017 from 11-5
Come out and join local Author Aria Suber for the Book Launch Party of "Grannie Knows Best." Aria loves to share the word of God, and this book is for all ages. 12 stories that show the simplicity of Jesus in our day to day lives. Join the fun, ask questions and meet the Author.
Thanks Nathan for asking me to do vocals on one of your songs! Click play and support Nathan Jarrelle on SoundCloud. I'm also on "Thankful," I love to sing and it was great timing!​​​​​​​​​​​​
Stage Play Events

Stage Play- The Message Coming 2018

YOKEDink's first Stage Play will take place; God willing  in Alaska 2018. The team is working hard getting everything in order, and learning just how much works it takes. We welcome the hard work, long hours and fun because this is another way to get Gods word out to the world! As time draws near, we'll be looking for the stage crew and hosting Auditions in Alaska. For those unable to attend no worries, the play will be available on DVD.​

If you're interested in being apart of the stage crew and live in Alaska, click on the contact page above we would love to hear from you. Yokedink understands, there are people with many talents who have never had the chance to do what's in their hearts. If you know your good at working the lights, sound system, backstage or even crowd control don't worry about your resume; we just need to know and see that you can do the job. More information will follow as the time draws near. 

What's the Play about and who wrote it?

The play is about two couples, and two single people who are gathering for Thanksgiving. The women share a conversation had with an older woman at work who tells them a life-changing message, but it isn't just one message for them to share. The older woman gives each lady a message about their life and tells them it's from GOD! One of the ladies didn't like the message, one of them welcomes it, and the other woman overlooks it. As their night gets started, this message is the conversation. One thing leads to another, that leads to another.

The writer is Aria Suber, who also made sure to add-in a scary reality check for one of the men who doesn't feel he should get his life right. The play is called "The Message" for a reason. Aria prays that each person will leave the play with a better understanding of how situations in life can take us down an unplanned road, but God is ready to restore us if we hear and believe His message.