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YOKEDink enjoys sharing the message of the living God in ways that will sick with you. Visual learning is one of those ways, checkout the Stage Play and clips right here, and may they be a blessing in you life today. 
Thank you!

Stage Play- "The Message"

YOKEDink enjoys sharing the meassage of the living God in ways that will stick with you. Take time to checkout our first stage play and some other videos throughout this page. If you have any questions feel free to email us through the contact page. We pray something on this site will be a blessing to you and others!  May God open your eyes and ears to all He needs you to see and hear on this day. 

Thank you- The YOKEDinkk Team

New Sight

Anti Bullying music video  "I Hate"
Written and Performed by Nathan Jarrelle 

video produced by AriaSuber, Edits by Dwayne Suber (Germany 2015)

As we start to follow Jesus,it's not always easy and you start seeing some changes taking place and  feel many ways, dont walk away keep on trusting God and know that some old ways have to be removed, in order to understand this we have to see things in a new light, so the Holy Sprit will do a work with your sight.
Nathan Jarrelle's music- CLICK

New Hearing

God dosent stop at your sight He will also change your hearing and when you first hear yourself I think it's a game changer, it will cause you to repent when you hear just how nasty and hurtful our words can truly be, then He will allow you too hear others, in a new way.

Track Lesson

When you think your trying to walk off a pound but you get a life lesson instead.